BTSM - Music Is My Religion Tee

$25.00 USD

The design of the inverted cross on this shirt is made up of the sentences ‘’Music Is My Religion’’ and ‘’Music Is Our Religion.’’ This represents the bond we all share in the BTSM church. Our church is a space for any individual that wants to connect through music and humanism. The inverted cross is topped with the BTSM helmet logo and our universal mantra ‘Music is our religion’.

The t-shirt also features a BTSM print on the front and a CHURCH 2017. print appearing when you roll up the sleeve.

Color : Black
100% Cotton
Unisex T-Shirt


Size Chart
S: W 18" L 26"
M: W 20" L 28"
L: W 22" L 29"
XL: W 24" L 31"